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How many books may my child borrow?

Grades Pre K-5 = 2 books

What kind of books may my child select?

We encourage each student to borrow books that speak to his or her individual interests, curiosities, and dreams. Free choice of reading materials is an integral part of our program. Please spend time sharing books with your child and reading a story aloud to him or her, too!

In addition, many younger students in Grades Pre K-2 want to take large chapter books home. We may question your child about this selection to see if a parent will be reading this "big" book to them. We may limit their selection to one large chapter book if they are in Grades Pre K-2. We always want a student to have a book with him or her that can be read by the student without much trouble.

How long can my child keep a book?

Students may keep a book for up to two weeks. However, we encourage students to return books as soon as they are finished. We also encourage them to bring their books in on their Library lesson day. On their Media Center lesson day, they can either return their books or renew them for another two weeks.

What should I do if I cannot find an overdue book?

If your child brings home an overdue book notice, please go on a "search and rescue" mission in your home and try to find the book. If you are unable to find the book(s), please send in a note with your child or call the Media Center to tell us you have not been able to find the book. We will check our records again and get back to you. We may ask you to pay for a lost book.

What do I do if my child damages a library book (wet pages, torn pages, crayons, etc.)?

Please make arrangements to pay for a damaged book.

Do you accept donations?

Yes! If you would like to donate a book we would love the kind gesture.

Do you accept donations of used books?

Yes! You may drop off used books at any time. We will evaluate the books and determine if we will be adding them to our collection. If we do not add them to our collection, we will offer them to classroom teachers who are always looking for used books. All used books will be given a good home!